Economic Citizenship Program in Dominica

The Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme began in 1991 and to date continues as one of the best citizenship without residency programs available. At present on the island there are many registered agents providing the service or acting as liaisons between applicants of the programme and the Government of Dominica. It is important to note: agents help only with the administrative application and filing of documents, whereas the final decision as to who is a successful applicant for Dominica economic citizenship is determined by the Government of Dominica.

One of the objectives of the Dominica citizenship programme is to the augment the country’s finances. Revenue collected in this programme is used for developing Dominica. Certain sectors and projects in Dominica into which contributions from the program are to be directed were identified by the government. The main sectors which benefit from revenue generated under the economic citizenship program in Dominica include: Education- for the construction and maintenance of schools, construction and renovation of health facilities and hospitals, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and information technology.

Under the current Dominica Economic Citizenship Program there are two options under which a person can apply: 1. The Family Option and 2. The Single Option.

The family options make it possible for — married couples to apply for themselves for an investment of US $175,000; married couples with two children who are not yet 18 years of age to apply for an investment of US $200,000; and for those (married couples) with more than two children or children aged anywhere from 18 to 25. Investment requirements in this latter option vary and will be tailored according to the composition of these families. An individual who wants to apply for economic citizenship for him or herself can do so for an investment of US $100,000.

Once the complete application form is submitted for the citizenship programme and acceptable due diligence results are obtained for all adults over 16, the application process formally proceed. Applicants with positive due diligence results and who have met all requirements are required to appear for an interview with a Committee set up by the Prime Minister of Dominica. A basic knowledge of English is a requirement when applying as the interview is only carried out in that language and translators are not allowed into the interview room. As potential citizens of Dominica, applicants will also be expected to have basic knowledge of Dominica’s laws and a working knowledge of English for communication purposes while on the island permanently or for a short period of time.

Once the interview is successful the applicant will be granted citizenship of Dominica. The laws of Dominica allow for dual citizenship therefore the new Dominican citizen has no obligations to drop or renounce his or her current citizenship. The new Dominican citizen is not obligated to reside in Dominica and can continue to live abroad.

The naturalized citizen of Dominica is eligible for a passport of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Once a Certificate of Naturalization has been obtained with the authority, the citizen may begin the process of applying for a Dominican passport. A Dominican passport entitles the holder visa free travel to all OECS (Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States) countries and also visa free travel to all CARICOM (Caribbean Community) countries. Citizens of Dominica are free to live, work and purchase lands in both OECS and CARICOM countries. Another added advantage to possessing a Dominican passport is offering visa free travel to many Commonwealth Nations. A machine readable Dominican passport is valid for a period of ten (10) years after which the passport is required to be renewed. Dominica passports can also be renewed when all the pages have been used up. Passports can be acquired with the assistance of a licensed agent or personally from the immigration Office at Police Headquarters in Roseau.



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