Choosing an Agent for Dominica Citizenship

Offshore Agent Dominica

In order to apply for citizenship through the Dominica Economic Citizenship Programme, it is necessary to go through an appointed licensed agent. These days, with much improvement in technology through the exchange of documents, cash and information, the agent’s work is facilitated and made easy. As with any service it is important that potential applicants choose their agent very wisely. There are quite a few professionals in Dominica who are registered as agents under the Second Citizenship Programme. Agents assume the task of liaising with the government of Dominica on behalf of customers and providing advice to ensuring that all the necessary requirements are met when an application is being made for Dominica citizenship.

An agent can be a Dominica company or an individual. Anyone who claims to be an agent must first and foremost be registered by and with the government and issued a license which enables him to work on behalf of customers in that capacity. Other agents that are registered and licensed as providers of offshore incorporation services are unable to act as agents for Dominica second citizenship if they are not specifically licensed for second citizenship services. As proof of licensing, potential applicants can request a digital copy of the agent’s license, which must be in his possession as an authorized service provider. Dominica, however, is very well regulated, and because of the island’s small size, government authorities are better able to effectively ensure that breaches against laws governing the Dominica Second Citizenship Program do not occur. As with the provision of any professional service, registered agents are trained professionals in the field of law, accounting, financial management, real estate, banking, estate planning and business consulting. The agent chosen cannot be based or registered for the services of Economic citizenship programme outside of Dominica. With years in the service, agents in Dominica are trust worthy, transparent and effective communicators.

Working with an agent with a high success rate might increase your chances of being successful. Being in the business long enough gives the agent insight into the business and the possible problems which occur in applying for the citizenship programme. Knowledge is the key here and with experience this is attained. An agent who has been carrying out this service for a long while will know all the relevant details and will provide professional service when comes to the transfer of documents and even cash.

It is crucial for the applicant to choose a professional service provider who will be able to offer aftercare services, once you have been granted citizenship. There are some agents who choose offer only the processing of applications and do not offer services after citizenship has been granted and there are those who continue to work with clients offering assistance where necessary. Choose an agent who will be of assistance when applying for a passport of Dominica and who will willingly give advice in obtaining visas for entry into some countries. Incidents such as lost or stolen passports and loss of naturalization certificates do occur therefore it is wise to choose an agent who, if the need arises will help you replace the passport or naturalization certificate. Some agents also offer the services of setting up bank accounts and businesses.

There are many factors to consider when choosing an agent but the important thing is to choose someone who is efficient and professional. The application process can be long but with the right people on working for you the process can be made easier.



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